Restaurant Team Member

An hourly position for someone who enjoys working in a fast-paced, high energy, and team-oriented environment. Team members are responsible for providing excellent customer service to guests and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Medical
  • Optional dental, vision and prescription
  • Life Insurance
  • Premium Pay (1.5x) if wokring on New Year’s Day and Christmas Day
  • Personal Leave of Absence (after 1 year, 1 week unpaid leave)
  • 50% On-Duty Meal
  • 10% Employee Discount
Job Description

Position Title: Team Member | Exemption: Non-Exempt | Reports To: Restaurant Manager | Job Code: RORH10 | Department: JIB Restaurant Operations | Date: September 2009


Responsible for delivering a “WOW” guest experience by consistently providing quality food, excellent service, and a clean restaurant environment for JACK IN THE BOX guests by performing one or more workstations in accordance with proper procedures and Company food safety, guest service, and cleanliness standards.


External Service: Models a “guest comes first” attitude; has a genuine smile, and displays a friendly and positive spirit; appreciates guests and makes them feel welcome; is always polite and courteous. Listens and communicates clearly with guests in English or primary language spoken in area of restaurant location. Ensures the timeliness, quality, and accuracy of all orders; conveys a sense of urgency. Handles guest complaints effectively using the C.A.R.E. Model – courtesy, apology, resolution, extra effort.

Internal Service: Gets along well with other team members and always shows care and respect; demonstrates behaviors that provide for a fun, friendly, clean and safe environment; ensures personal and uniform cleanliness; helps and compliments other team members; makes new employees feel welcome and helps train employees as assigned.

Operating Workstations: Follows JIB procedures and standards in performing all workstation activities.

  • Guest Service(Dine In/Drive-Thru) – Immediately acknowledges and welcomes guests; takes and clarifies orders, assists guests with menu selection as appropriate; enters order in system, collects money, and makes change; makes sure that guests receive requested condiments; always thanks guests for visiting JIB. Assembles order, works with back-up position to ensure order is prepared timely and accurately, personally hands order to guest. Maintains cleanliness and stocking of work area.
  • Grill – Reads grill video monitor to identify products that need to be prepared. Prepares menu products, including: warms/toasts/grills bread products, cooks items on grill, operates timers and removes products when timer sounds. Discards ingredients/products that have expired or don’t meet quality standards. Sets up and maintains equipment; keeps workstation stocked; maintains cleanliness of work area, wearing appropriate safety equipment.
  • Assembly – Reads video monitor and assembles products using correct ingredients and portioning, correctly packages products, and verifies the appearance and quality of presentation, temperature of product, and order accuracy before delivery to guest. Discards ingredients/products that have expired or don’t meet quality standards
  • Prep – Places frozen products in appropriate place to defrost, places defrosted product in proper container and storage area, and arranges product for first-in, first-out rotation; opens product packages, places in proper storage units, and affixes shelf life labels. Ensures all food prep and storage areas are kept neat and clean at all times, and complies with JIB food safety standards. Visually checks and inspects all ingredients for freshness. Measures, assembles, and prepares ingredients for various products according to product mix information.
  • Fryer – Reads fryer video monitor to identify products that need to be prepared. Prepares fryer products, including: places product in appropriate rack/basket and places in correct fryer, operates timers, removes/drains product when timer sounds, codes product, places product in appropriate container and/or holding bin. Maintains cleanliness and stock of work station areas including the fryer prep area, display bin, freezer, refrigerator, and holders.
  • Interior – Empties trash cans, sweeps and mops floors, vacuums carpet, washes tables and chairs, cleans windows and doors; cleans and stocks restrooms. Washes and sanitizes dishes and utensils by hand or using dishwasher. Changes or filters fryer shortening wearing required safety equipment, scrubs fryer units, discards old shortening, cleans vents and fryer screens. Cleans and maintains equipment, including storage freezer, storage refrigerator, drink dispenser, ice bins, syrup lines, grease catch pans, and POS equipment. Cleans miscellaneous interior items (i.e. dusts menu boards, order counter, etc.). Visually checks and inspects all areas for cleanliness.
  • Exterior – Sweeps and picks-up trash in parking lots, drive-thru area, sidewalks, and curbs. Empties trash cans, and cleans miscellaneous exterior items (i.e. – drive-thru menuboard). Cleans drive-thru and dumpster slabs. Visually checks and inspects all areas for cleanliness.


Customer (Guest) Focus: Focuses on providing service to guests and ensuring a hassle free experience. Is friendly and comfortable engaging in conversation with guests; makes guests feel welcome; has the ability to “read” the guests (i.e., facial expressions, body language, tone of voice, etc.). Focuses on preparing high quality food products with care and within company speed of service standards. Maintains a calm and positive exterior presence when dealing with difficult situations or high volume periods.

Commitment: Enjoys working in a fast-paced, high energy, and team-oriented environment; is enthusiastic about working for JIB. Ability to follow multi-step instructions and comply with Company standards. Willingly accepts feedback from management and other team members. Is dependable and reliable.

Team Skills: Is a good team player; always treats others with care and respect. Has a positive “can do” attitude and is always willing to help others and ask for assistance if needed.

Fundamental Skills: Ability to quickly learn new tasks and ask questions if procedures aren’t clear; understands the importance of following procedures and complying with standards, and ensures tasks are performed correctly; seeks out opportunities to learn and improve skills. Takes pride in food preparation and restaurant cleanliness. Demonstrates basic mathematical aptitude and good reading comprehension.

Work Ethic: Has high ethical standards; demonstrates integrity and honesty. Is productive, focused and on time.

Personal Appearance: Willingly accepts and complies with Company grooming and appearance standard. Practices good personal hygiene and ensures uniform is clean and neat.


  • Education – Attending High School or graduate of High School/GED/foreign equivalent preferred. Continuing commitment to education and/or learning new skills.
  • Experience – Work experience in face-paced restaurant environment, preparing and cooking food in a high volume , fast- paced environment preferred. Customer service experience helpful.
  • Knowledge/Skills/Abilities – Must be at least 16 years old. Understands and communicates clearly in English, may require ability to speak another language based on location of restaurant. Ability to read and understand written English, perform basic math (add, subtract, multiply); perform multiple tasks at once; and work effectively in a team environment. Demonstrates integrity and ethical behavior.
  • Physical Requirements – Able to stand and walk approximately 90%-95% of shift; ability to lift and carry 15-25 lbs. Ability to listen to guests’ orders, operate a cash register, and read video monitors. Ability to move freely throughout the restaurant.


Jack in the Box Inc. will make reasonable accommodations to allow a qualified individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities and to perform the essential functions of the job. This position description should be applied accordingly.